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Our discovery hunts are familiar old treasure hunts with a new twist. Our hunts will take you to little known corners of Singapore, Malaysia or even Thailand on foot, by bicycle, car, coach, sub way, river raft and even on the back of an elephant. You'll discover a lot more about yourself, your teammates and your surroundings as you sniff our clues, search for checkpoints and journey through the hunt. And if you want, a sumptuous meal awaits after the exciting programme.

If you have an idea for your own event, come talk to us. We've done customized events for our clients and nothing is impossible: from paintball war games in Phuket and "Survivor" style retreats on a remote island, to picnics on a bamboo raft and a delicious shower in a scenic waterfall. Not only will we organize your special event the way you like it, we'll also make sure that your organization's message and goals are incorporated throughout the programme for a holistic experience.

Our expertise in event management is also extremely portable. We can organize treasure hunts in virtually any country of your choice. We'll do all the research and uncover the most unspoilt locations and best eating places. You just need to enjoy yourself.

Not enough time to run a whole-day event? Then try one of our many shorter themed events - such as our Durian and Satay Party, which brings these two local favourites to your doorstep with entertainment to match.

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